Welcome to Word Café!

1:39 am - by anitamumm

To kick off 2013 and fulfill a long-standing resolution, I’m launching my blog about writing and publishing. Through my work in submissions and foreign rights at a U.S. literary agency, I’ve gained some great perspective on the industry and I look forward to sharing advice and insights with you. Read more about me on my bio page.

Here’s what I’ll be writing about:

  • Articles on writing craft (characters, plot, setting, back story, the like)
  • Publishing news and trends (what agents and editors are looking for, things authors should know before and after publishing, self-publishing news)
  • Career advice (how to get an agent, traditional vs. self-publishing, professionalism as an author)
  • Interviews with published authors, agents, and editors (because you’d get tired of just hearing from little ol’ me!)
  • Book reviews featuring authors from around the world (with a focus on things you can learn and apply to your own writing)

I hope you enjoy this resource and I welcome your comments and ideas.

Happy New Year!

Anita Mumm

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