1:01 am - by Anita Mumm

Anita was amazing to work with, and I know that she is a big part of the reason that my book is now being published. From the very beginning, I felt that Anita really understood my book and my writing. She gave such in-depth, thoughtful comments that really made me stop and think about how to make my writing better. She was always respectful of my vision and I really felt that she was a partner in making my book shine. She also has real insight into the market, and was able to identify things that could be changed to make the book more likely to find a publisher. Most importantly, she worked with me as I rewrote my opening pages so that I could get through the door and get the right people to look at my manuscript—and it worked! My novel is coming out in a few months and I know that Anita’s help was key in getting me to this point in my publishing career!

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