After nearly a decade working with authors of all levels of experience, I believe that editing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Every manuscript has its own set of strengths and challenges. My services are designed to meet those individual needs in a process that blends traditional editing with the support of a writing coach and publishing consultant.

Full Manuscript Developmental Edit (Step 1)

My developmental editing package is a two-step process designed to help you polish your manuscript to the level required for submission or self-publishing. You’ll receive detailed and comprehensive written feedback in the form of an editorial letter (Steps 1 & 2) and Track Changes comments throughout the manuscript (Step 2). Each step includes a follow-up conference to address your questions and concerns, brainstorm ideas, and discuss your next steps toward publication. Note that this process includes light line editing; if your manuscript requires more intensive line edits, that  service can be added once the developmental editing process is complete.

Full Manuscript Line Edit (Step 2)

Line editing is a separate step applied after big-picture issues have been ironed out and the foundation of the story is sound. I’ll help you fix awkward constructions, smooth out paragraph and sentence flow, and achieve a more polished prose style. I point out issues and offer suggestions without compromising your writing voice. Note that this is not copy editing or proofreading, which are your final steps to standardize grammar, spelling, and punctuation and catch typos. I would be happy to refer you to trusted colleagues should you wish to book those services.

Double-Pass Query Letter or Synopsis Edit

During my years at a top literary agency, I read an average of 25,000 submissions a year. Yes, really! Faced with those odds, it takes a lot of skill and a little magic to stand out in the slush pile. With this service, I show you how to take your query and synopsis to that level. It includes a second round of feedback (on your revised material) to ensure an exceptional level of polish to your final draft.

Get Past the Gatekeeper Package

Agents and publishers receive thousands of submissions per year. Will yours stand out from the crowd? This package gives you a safe space to test your submission and see if it’s truly ready for an agent’s eyes. It includes a single-pass edit of your query letter, synopsis, and first ten pages (using the industry standard of 250 words/page). I’ll point out problems that could cause an agent to stop reading and tell you how to fix them.

Agent Search Consulting

Have you been receiving form rejection letters and wonder if you’re targeting the right agents? Or maybe you’re getting ready to submit but don’t know where to start? I’ll put my network and background in the publishing community to work for you, helping you target the agents or publishers that are most likely to connect with your novel. After an initial consultation by phone or email to determine your goals, you’ll receive the following:

  • A list of target agents and/or publishers and why I think they’re a good fit
  • Detailed information on how to submit your work
  • Tailored advice to make your project stand out in the slush pile

Be aware that this service cannot guarantee an agent relationship or publishing deal. For this project you will need to show me a polished set of submissions materials (query letter, synopsis, and first 10 pages). Please contact me for more information and to determine if you are ready for this step.

Publishing Q&A Session

Sometimes you just need a chance to talk things over with an industry expert. This one-hour Skype or phone conference gives you the chance to ask everything you’ve wanted to know about getting an agent, the submissions process, deciding whether to traditionally publish or self-publish, and more.

Ghostwriting Services

Maybe you have a dynamite idea but aren’t sure you’re equipped to tackle the writing of your memoir or nonfiction book. Or maybe, as a leader in your field, your energy is pulled in a different direction. As a ghostwriter, I can help bring your dreams of a finished book swiftly and painlessly to fruition. Fill out my contact form and we’ll get the conversation started.

Sample projects:

Salida Writers Retreat
Each fall, my editor friend Ben LeRoy and I offer this week-long event which gives a talented group of writers a chance to work on their manuscript in a supportive atmosphere in beautiful Salida, Colorado. Enjoy activities like hiking, writing craft walks, visits to local historic sites, yoga, and more. Visit for details.
Personalized Writing Getaway
How does working intensively on your book in a gorgeous mountain setting with an experienced editor sound? Come to Salida, Colorado for a customized writing getaway! You’ll receive written feedback on your work before you arrive and targeted mentoring and support throughout your stay. You choose the dates, length of your retreat, and lodging (with my help) to ensure a perfect fit.