Anita Mumm is amazing! I cannot recommend her services highly enough—whether someone is about to query a project or about to go on submission. Anita’s eye for detail is extraordinary. Every comment she made on my pages was thoughtful—and absolutely right on. Her critique really helped bring clarity to some of the areas I was concerned about; she also brought up some great points I hadn’t considered before. The thing I appreciate the most about Anita, was that she didn’t just look at my work and impose her vision on it, she took the time to ask me questions about my writing and background, so that she could see exactly what I was trying to achieve with my writing. I wish I’d known Anita when I tried to query my first novel—maybe then it wouldn’t haven taken me so long to sign with my dream agent!

Stephanie Garber
#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of CARAVAL and LEGENDARY

Anita’s experience in reading thousands of manuscripts, her keen eye for narrative detail, and her obvious passion for the craft of storytelling all shine through in her critiques. The editorial notes she sent me were not only thoughtful, clear, and accurate, but she also has the gift of being genuinely supportive and encouraging of the authors whose projects she’s editing. I highly recommend her services and hope to have the pleasure of working with her again!

Marilyn Brant
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of THE ROAD TO YOU

Anita provided me with an extremely thorough and thoughtful critique, pointing to both the positives in my writing and those aspects that needed greater attention. Her keen eye picked up on details that I had completely missed. She helped me polish my manuscript to a perfect shine without infringing on my voice or imposing a separate vision on my story.

Ashlyn Macnamara
USA Today bestselling author of A MOST SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL

I contacted Anita for a query critique after working long and hard on my query letter and getting it to the point where I knew I couldn’t make it any better on my own. Anita’s advice turned out to be invaluable! Not only did she help me trim my pitch, but she offered advice on how to rearrange certain aspects to use them to their best advantage. Anita gave detailed answers to any question I asked, and especially spent a long time helping me navigate the nuances of the “tag line/hook” quagmire and decide what worked best for my query. I highly recommend Mumm’s the Word Editing and Critique Services. After sending only a handful of queries to my preferred agents, I received requests for the full manuscript from major talent agencies within days, and an offer of representation only a month after beginning the query process.

Amanda Bouchet
author of A PROMISE OF FIRE, Book 1 of THE KINGMAKER CHRONICLES (coming August 2016 from Sourcebooks)

Anita Mumm critiqued my query letter and the first chapter of my MG novel just before I submitted to agents and it was the best decision ever. Although I spent countless hours on the manuscript and had it critiqued several times by fellow writers, Anita found ways to make it even better. I gained confidence knowing that an experienced professional reviewed my work and gave me constructive and valuable feedback. I definitely recommend Anita’s services to make your work the very best it can be.

Debbie D’Aurelio
MG author, represented by Essie White at The Storm Literary Agency

I’ve been a fan of Anita’s since I started following her incredibly helpful blog. When she opened her business to edit critiques, I jumped at the chance to work with her. Anita brilliantly balances her critiques with the right amount of support and clear instruction so that you thoroughly understand what works in your manuscript and what needs further development. Her professionalism and keen insight into the publishing world has given me the edge I’ve been looking for. I will absolutely work with Anita again on future manuscripts.

Elizabeth Schwab
YA Fantasy Writer

Anita’s critique of my latest manuscript was masterful. She understood the heart of the story, my intentions in writing it, and my hopes for how it would be received. Without being heavy-handed, she gave direction which strengthened my work, and also evaluated its potential marketability. Her critique pointed out where the manuscript succeeded, and what needed more development, and why. She offered valuable suggestions while at the same time respecting my voice and creativity—never trying to make the story her own. Anyone seeking an editor would be in exceptional hands with her. Thank you, Anita, for your wonderful work.

Randy Fraser
Epic Fantasy Writer

Anita, you’re @#$%ing awesome! I love what you’ve done and suggested for my manuscript. Your feedback had my creative side burning on all cylinders. Thank you for doing a wonderful job and for making me a better writer. I’m so glad I was sent your way.

Ariana Fae
Urban Fantasy Writer

Anita’s critique of my query hit the mark dead center. The best part is she gives a two-fer: a free critique of your revised query. Since my initial effort needed more than a little reworking, I really appreciated the second look.

Elissa Hunt
Epic Fantasy Writer